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Install a cork floor

Cork is an ecological and insulating floor covering that is relatively easy to install. It is still necessary to know the procedure to follow and to have the appropriate tools.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Cork slabs for the floor.
One meter.
A chalk line.
A notched spatula.
A small roll.
A flat brush of medium size.
Contact glue adapted to your support
A wooden mallet.
A painter's knife.
A cutter.
Masking tape.
Cork varnish.

Step 1: Prepare the surface.

Make sure your floor is perfectly healthy and level before you start laying the floor.

Step 2: Define and plot the laying plan.

Install a cork floor: slabs

To facilitate the installation of the slabs, it is preferable to establish a laying plan. With your meter, you will determine the center of the room and the middle of the four walls.
Take your chalk and place it on each side of the room, positioning it on the circles you have determined previously. Pull the wire so that it deposits a trace of chalk on your floor. Reproduce the same operation to obtain two perpendicular axes. The intersection of these axes will show you the middle of the room.
If your room is not regular, we advise you to take the center of the main part.

Step 3: sizing the soil.

Lay down the equivalent of a row of slabs by following one of your axes and starting from a wall.
Remove them and then glue the soil here evenly with the notched spatula.

Step 4: Gluing the slabs.

Paste the equivalent of a row of slabs and let the glue dry in the open air as directed by your supplier, usually about fifteen minutes.
Once the slabs and the floor are perfectly dry to the touch, remove the first slab along your axis, closer to the wall.
In case of error, immediately remove the slab using a painter's knife and replace it by tapping it with a mallet.
Then install the second slab by gently squeezing it against the first one.

Step 5: the cuts.

For the edges of the room or nooks, you will need to cut your cork slabs.

Install a cork floor: slabs

It is advisable to use the technique of overlay tracing: stack the slab perfectly on the last slab laid. Then lay another slab firmly against the wall and aligned with the two overlapping slabs. Then use the edge of the slab that is not glued to the wall as a guide to cut the slab from below with a cutter.
Then install the cut slab in its place by bending slightly to return while blocking the other slabs.

Step 6: the finish.

Start by protecting any skirting boards and other threshold bars with masking tape.
Then roll the first coat of varnish lengthways, then let it dry as shown in your instructions.
Finally, apply two coats in cross passes, always respecting a drying time between each layer and wait at least a week before walking on your floor.

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