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Install an accordion door

Ideal for small areas, the accordion doors allow you to save some extra space.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A pencil
A spirit level
Drill and appropriate bits
A screwdriver
One meter

Step 1: Prepare the surface and the material.

Start by unpacking your door, making sure there are no missing items, and then read your directions carefully.
Measure your door and refer to the dimensions of the wood pencil on the frame of the door without forgetting to postpone the locations provided for fixing.
If necessary, readjust the rail or the dimensions of the door by referring to the instructions.

Step 2: installing the door.

Install an accordion door: install

Using a drill, make holes at the location of the fasteners.
Install the door and screw it into the pre-drilled mounting holes.
Slide the guide rail into the door jamb.
Then screw the guide rail at the top of your frame.
Check that your installation is square with the spirit level.

Step 3: the finishes.

Finally, you still have to mount the handle and lock of the door following the instructions in your manual.

Video Instruction: How to Install a folding/accordion closet door