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More economical than calling a professional, putting a lock on a door is not a very complicated operation, but requires time to do it. However, this entails risks. Indeed, an error in the installation can cause a malfunction, which can represent a security risk. So it is necessary to take some precautions.

Install a door lock, the right thing to do

Install a door lock, the right thing to do

Install a wall and recessed lock

You will needa set of tools to put your lock: hammer, drill, screwdriver, meter, file, scissors and pencil.

  • Step 1: the case

For that, it is necessary to place oneself inside. Place the plate at the bottom of the door and trace the path of the lock cylinder and drill the hole of the lock. The screws supplied with the lock will fix the plate.

  • Step 2: the lock

This stage takes place outside. Pass the cylinder into the hole you have drilled and secure the lock with the screws.

  • Step 3: The receiver box

After closing the door, trace the housing and insert it into the hole in the door frame. The screws will fix it then.

Install a built-in lock

The pose is more complicated.

  • Step 1: the lock

Using a pencil, trace the location of the case on the door window and then determine the location to be drilled. This is the focus of the lock. Then mark the future holes to be drilled. Place the case in the housing and screw.

  • Step 2: The receiver box

This time it is necessary to trace the location of this case on the door jamb, then to drill the holes corresponding to those of the lock. After placing the housing in its space, secure it with the screws.

Or still call a professional...

If you are not a handyman or do not have the time, it is of course possible to entrust the work to a professional locksmith who will have the right tools for that as well as the necessary expertise to recommend the right lock. The considerable advantage is that you avoid making an error that could damage the door and lock the lock.

Most specialists charge from 60 euros duty free and up to 180 euros depending on the type of lock for simple installation. Some provide the lock. Ask about the cost of travel and do not hesitate to have quotes.

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