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Install outdoor lighting.

Essential for securing and illuminating your garden, outdoor lighting should not be installed lightly. Enter the safety standards, the different models and the electrical connection, it is not always easy to navigate.

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Step 1: choose the right fixtures.

Depending on the location of your lighting, you will choose the type of luminaire.
For the entrance, we generally use wall sconces, semi-sconces, recessed spots or suspensions.
For a terrace, it is most often used streetlights.
For an alley, we preferred beacons, solar terminals or even small poles.
For a tree yes bushes, one will choose a designer, a terminal, a spot to sting or to bury.

Step 2: Comply with standards and safety instructions.

Any electrical conduit buried in the garden must comply with specific instructions and comply with the standards in force.
The luminaires must have IP (X) 3 and IP (X) 4 protection ratings against rain and splash water.
They must also include the CE annotation, which guarantees you compliance with the European standard.
Before any intervention, it is imperative to turn off the power and read your instructions carefully.
Always respect the maximum powers indicated.

Step 3: the connection to the circuit.

Install outdoor lights: circuit

The external electrical circuit is connected to the general circuit board of your house.
At the head of the circuit, a differential protection of 30 mA will be placed.
Your new connections will then have to be protected by one (or more) 16 amp circuit breaker for lighting circuit, or even 20 amps for the circuits of the sockets.

Install outdoor lights: lighting

If there is a lot of lighting, it is best to install independent circuits for each zone to connect multiple luminaires in parallel with up to eight lights per circuit.

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