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Install a self-piercing faucet

The Self-Drilling Faucet is the simplest system to power a washing machine or to bypass (tapping) to power another appliance for occasional use (eg a high-pressure cleaner). The installation is done with a minimum of tools, without the need for any plumbing skills. It nevertheless requires a lot of care.

The first thing to do is to accurately determine the location of the valve, noting that, in the case of a supply valve but also safety (it may be necessary to have to close quickly...), it must remain accessible and be within reach (avoid, for example, a pose at ground level). Stitching on the pipe is done by rotation of the "handle" part on its base. A needle with two blades cuts a perforation in the pipe: this operation is final. Remember to turn off the water before you start puncturing (and drop the pressure by opening a tap located lower than the perforation crack.).

Install a self-piercing faucet

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