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To install a wooden palisade

The wooden fences allow you to mark the boundaries of your property at a lower cost. To paint or stain, they offer you a real decorative choice.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Wood screws.
A portable drill screwdriver.
A wooden pencil.
A tape measure.
A spirit level.
Treated fence posts of the height of your choice (between 90 cm and 1.30 m).
Long horizontal wooden crosspieces.
Vertical wooden slats slightly shorter than the stakes.

Step 1:anchor the posts of your fence.

Plant the posts of your fence in the ground with a spacing of about two meters fifty between each stake.

Step 2: Fix the horizontal crosspieces.

To install a wooden palisade: palisade

Fix your horizontal bars perpendicular to the posts by screwing directly on them, at the rate of one bar every 50 cm approximately. To do this, you can also use metal brackets or a mortise system.

Step 3: Fix the vertical slats.

To install a wooden palisade: install

With the meter, locate the location of the vertical slats and refer to the wooden pencil on the horizontal cross members to maintain the same spacing between each slat, 8 cm maximum.
Finally, screw the slats directly into the sleepers.

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