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Because it is an indisputable decorative object and provides a real sense of well-being, the fountain is one of the essential elements to install in his garden. It brings charm and aesthetics to its garden and helps to create a pleasant and Zen relaxation area. Here are some tips for installing a fountain in his garden.

Choose the location of the fountain in your garden

At first, you have to choose a fountain that is of a shape and a size proportionate to its garden. As far as possible, avoid installing a fountain in your garden in direct sunlight to limit the excessive evaporation of water and to enjoy a shaded space futures. In the same way, it is advisable not to install its fountain near a tree, on the one hand because its roots can damage it, and on the other hand for the sake of cleanliness so that the dead leaves do not fall in the fountain.

In addition, depending on the model of the chosen fountain, it is necessary to check the water supply, a connection operation may be necessary, and the power supply allowing the operation of the pool pump and the lighting. he is present. For fountains that operate in a closed circuit, there is no need to have a water supply.

How to install a fountain in his garden?

Before installing a fountain in your garden, you have to to prepare thel. The ground must be perfectly horizontal. For this you have to dig the ground, pour sand and pack it before checking the level. Generally, garden fountains are provided in the form of kits to put oneself. Then simply seal the base of the fountain on the ground with cement and then fix the fountain after mounting. Once the water pump has been connected to the fountain, all that remains is to check its proper functioning by pouring water into the basin to control its level and its tightness. When it comes to large models, the fountain is mounted using a plan from masonry blocks.

For bigger fountains, or if you simply can not fit a fountain in your garden yourself, do not hesitate to call in a professional landscaper.

Video Instruction: Landscape Fountain Kit Installation