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Hanging a painting or a mirror on the wall, it's not that complicated! Provided you have the right tools and method. A short overview.

How to fix a board to the wall without making a hole

Frames: watch out, fragile!

The paintings are aging and require attention:
• avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity;
• do not hang them over a heat source (chimney or radiator), or against a cold or damp wall;
• block the road with ultraviolet light and violent lighting.

Hangings: how much does it cost?

Between 1 and 4 € the box (from six to ten pieces) according to the type of hooks.
Check the allowable loads on the packaging and seek advice from a seller.
The Easy Fix fixing systems (€ 3.50 the small model) include all the necessary elements for two frames.

Nail a tip without banging your fingers

Difficult to maintain this nail between thumb and forefinger.
Stitch it at the end of a sheet of corrugated cardboard and nail it.
Simply pull on the piece of cardboard once the nail is engaged in the wood.

Install a frame or board with a bead

Drill a frame to fix it to the wall

For heavy tables (more than 4 kg), prefer the cord to pass through metal eyelets.
Drill a pilot hole with a small wood drill or use a scissors tip.

Set a carved frame

For the fixing of the worked frames, opt for eyelets to screw (they avoid the hammer).
A tip adapted to a small pocket screwdriver, or a hand screwdriver, and voila.

Hang a frame: the holes

If the pilot hole is not deep enough, the small diameter eyelets are hard to screw.
To facilitate screwing, pass the end of the blade of a screwdriver into the eyelet and turn clockwise.

Fixing easy fix

This ingenious fixing system (Easy Fix) is childishly simple and allows a height adjustment of the frame to the millimeter. Perfect alignment can thus be achieved.

Hooks for hanging wall decorations

Made of hardened steel, these needles are nailed into wood, plaster and even brick.
Depending on their size and the number of fixing nails, these hooks support from 4 to 30 kg.

Paste to fix a mirror

If the load is not too heavy, use adhesive hooks, perfect for a mirror or light decoration on a tile.
Before bonding, the surface will be clean and dry.

Use a Swedish hook

These "Swedish hooks" have a hard head: hammer all three needles at once to make them penetrate without any problem in concrete or stone. Moreover, they leave no marks on a wall fabric.

Video Instruction: ✅ IKEA Lack shelf no drilling no nails on wall