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Install a roll-up garage door

Aesthetic and practical, roll-up garage doors operate according to a very simple mechanism. Their panels slide upwards, to come to rest on rails against ceiling. In order to choose the right model, we invite you to seek advice from a qualified seller.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A tape measure.
A spirit level.
A drill.
Concrete bits.
Keys of 10 and 13 (usually).
A cartridge of acrylic sealant.
A gun for your cartridge.
Wooden wedges.
A door adapted to your garage and its frame.

Step 1: Prepare the material and the surface.

If necessary, start by assembling together the different parts of your door (handle, lock).
Then install the door frame by pegging its brackets into the wall and ceiling.
Install the door into the garage opening, and hold it in place with wood shims.
Once the door is white, check that it is perfectly straight and level with the spirit level and the meter (the diagonals must be of equal length).

Step 2: setting up the structure.

Using the drill, install on the wall and ceiling the rails of your door, not forgetting the angles. Do not fully tighten the fasteners to leave you room for maneuver.

Install a roll-up garage door: install

Solidarise your door to the structure (usually with a spring system, or wheels) following your assembly instructions.
Make sure that it works, then tighten your bindings again.
Finally, remove the holds that held the door.

Install a roll-up garage door: door

Step 3: sealing.

To seal your garage, make a sealant sealant between the wall and the door frame.

Step 4: the interview.

In order to keep your door in good condition for as long as possible, you will need to ensure a minimum of maintenance, so the rail system will need to be cleaned and greased from time to time.

Video Instruction: Roll up door installation instructions and safety guidelines. 1-877-357-DOOR(3667)