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A terrace without furniture is a bit sad and one wonders what it serves. That's why the furnishing of furniture will allow you to take full advantage of it.

To install a garden furniture on its terrace

To install a garden furniture on its terrace

What furniture and accessories for your terrace?

Terraces are often satisfied with the minimum: a table, chairs and a sunbed. However, in order to make the most of the good weather, you can just as easily install an armchair, a sofa, a meridian, pedestal tables and coffee tables but also hammocks. There are large benches of different shapes that can be decorated with special mattresses.

For sun protection, umbrellas are the first choice. Today, we find all sizes, materials and colors. You can also equip the terrace with an arbor, a pergola, a screen, a mechanical awning, an awning covered with wood or fabric or breezes.

What material for your patio furniture?

  • Wood: gives a bucolic and warm appearance. As for the terrace itself, it is important to choose the essence that best suits your budget but also your ideas. Exotic woods, although very resistant, remain quite expensive and heavy. Today, there are wooden garden lounges from European forests responsible for high quality and cheaper. Some even imitate the appearance of teak.
  • Metal: design, give modernity to your terrace, choose a metal treated against rust. Aluminum remains very affordable and does not require any special maintenance. It is very resistant and can stay outside without the consequences of bad weather. On the other hand, steel and wrought iron must be well maintained, their cost is quite high. The trick is to buy pieces in flea market and why not mismatched. This will give authenticity to your terrace.
  • Plastic: Ultra widespread, it allows fantasies, is easy to maintain and very resistant. There are today various colors. Plastic furniture is the least expensive on the market.
  • Resin: it's the trendy material. She is braided, dark in color and often equipped with cushions. It gives an aspect of modernity and sophistication to your terrace. The resin is very weather resistant. The disadvantage is that it is quite large. This is why your terrace must be of good surface. The price range is very wide.

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