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Install a sanitary grinder

Ideal for rooms or installation of a traditional toilet is impossible, the sani-crusher allows you to install toilets, a sink or a shower. A water supply and an electrical outlet are still essential to its proper functioning.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A sanitary grinder
An exit elbow and a hose (normally supplied in your kit with the grinder)
A pipe 32 mm in diameter (copper or PVC, knowing that PVC is preferable)
Suitable clamps
Connection hose
A drill
Ankles and screws
A screwdriver

Step 1: connect the sanitary grinder to the WC

Install a sanitary grinder: grinder

Place the grinder behind the bowl.
Spray some liquid soap on the toilet exit.
Then connect the toilet outlet pipe to your grinder sleeve, fitting them together.
If necessary, tighten the fixing screws.
Then fix your installation on the floor by bolting and screwing with the appropriate equipment.

Step 2: Connect the evacuation

Install a sanitary grinder: grinder

If your evacuation is done horizontally, it will be necessary to envisage a slope of 1 cm per meter of the pipe.
Orient the elbow on the desired side and secure it to the connection hose with a clamping ring.
Then attach the hose to the PVC pipe using a plastic fitting.
Connect your hose to the exhaust system using a suitable adapter or collar if necessary.

Step3: Water connection

Connect the water supply from the disposer to the flush valve using a connecting hose and a gasket.

Finally, shoot the hunt and let it fill up and then plug the plug of your grinder.

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