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Symbol of tribal relaxation, of natural well-being, the hammock invests gardens in all forms. To install it is sometimes an art. What you need to know for it to find its place, cradle your naps or pace your readings...

Install a hammock in the garden

Install a hammock in the garden

The various types of hammocks

The classic hammock is a canvas rectangle or a net made of sisal or macrame, each end of which is attached to a tree with a rope. It is part of the art of living of Mexico, Colombia or Brazil and allows you to rock nonchalantly creating a refreshing breeze.

Its size is the first criterion of choice to be respected. The wider it is, the more comfortable it is. It must indeed be able to lie diagonally to be comfortable. For one person it is necessary to count on a width of 1m 40 and for two, to count on 1m 85.

Other declination, the bar hammock. It is bordered at each end by a rod that spreads the ropes. It is more aesthetic to empty, since the canvas remains tense, but more unstable than the classic hammock.

Hammock chair with a crossbar that requires only one point of attachment, baby hammock, hammock with a base on the ground that requires no fixation, inflatable hammock... Today the palette is large. In cotton, parachute fabric, crochetedat each garden his hammock.

How to hang a hammock?

The classic hammock like the bar hammock is ideally attached between two trees. You can also fix trees between two posts.

To hang a classic hammock simply put a rope in each eyelet and then wrap it around a trunk or a solid branch. It is necessary to respect a certain distance between the two hooks and a certain height under penalty of that the bed does not take off from the ground.

The distance between the two hooks must be at least 90% of the length of the canvas. While their height must represent at least 40% of the length of the hammock.

For a bar hammock, the distance between the two hooks must measure 120% of the total length of the bed. Fasteners must be at least 25% of the length of the hammock.

To know

  • With use, the hammock can stretch up to 15% of its initial size. It is therefore necessary to provide sufficient height.
  • If you prefer a half sitting position rather than lying down, the canvas must be less tight and necessarily fixed higher at each end.

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