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Install a handrail

Ideal to secure your staircase, a handrail will bring you maximum comfort in a minimum of time.

Difficulty level:


Tool and materials needed:

A handrail kit, with or without supports
A spirit level
One meter
A drill
Screws and dowels adapted to your wall

Step 1: Determine the location of the handrail

Install a handrail: install

Your handrail should be about 90cm high, starting from the nose of the step.
It must be perfectly parallel to the silt of the stairs.
With the tape measure and the spirit level mark pencil markers at 90 cm from each step and connect them together.
Next, place your handrail along the markers and place the brackets on the wall.

Step 2: fixing the handrail.

Drill and peg the wall on your landmarks to fix the supports.
Start by installing the top bracket then go to the bottom bracket, while making sure to align with your alignment.
If your kit has no support, it will then fix the handrail by piercing and then screwing directly against the wall.

Video Instruction: How to Install a Stair Handrail on Stairs - This Old House