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We have built a house with floor, we are on the step of underfloor heating, we would like to know is preferably we put the heating floor on the ground floor and upstairs or only on the ground floor. we spend more time in the living room and dining-room than in the rooms that are on the floor used only for sleeping. can you advise us?

It is obviously possible to create a heated floor on the ground floor and upstairs by installing two collectors (one for the floor and one for the ground floor).
Light systems exist especially dedicated to floor floors. You can adjust the "clarinet" so that the least occupied rooms receive only the necessary heat.
Refer to our sheet on installing a floor heating.
However, you must integrate in your reasoning the extra cost of the installation of this floor heating floor, compared to that of radiator connected to the central heating, or even that of electric heat transfer radiators, managed so as to operate only part of the day.

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