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Install an attic ladder

Indispensable for access to your attic, attic ladders are very useful in the absence of stairs. Of standard size, most models will easily fit your interior.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

One meter
A hammer
A bracket
A screwdriver
A pencil
A crowbar
A handsaw
A retractable staircase kit with good measurements
Wooden battens with the same dimensions as the ceiling joists

If your ceiling is made with mineral wool insulation, provide protective equipment for your hands and forearms, while avoiding working bare-bones to reduce the risk of irritation.

Step 1: Determine the right measures

Install an attic ladder: install

Before you buy the first scale, check that its dimensions allow you to operate it correctly in the space you have.
To rotate it under your eaves, count 1m10 of height above the floor of the attic.
To move with ease through your stairs, it is advisable to have an opening hatch of more than 75cm long and 50cm wide. If you miss the place, know that it will be difficult to move bulky items into your new floor.

Step 2: Prepare the ceiling

Start by lifting the opening panel of the already existing hatch.
Remove all the insulation around your opening.

Step 3: Setting up the ladder

Start by fixing the closing panel of your staircase by nailing it or by screwing it with hinges on the hatch of the hatch, following the instructions of the manufacturer. If the edge of the hatch does not seem solid enough, strengthen it by fixing a basting.
Then screw the pins of the ladder onto the panel or onto one of the cross members of the header according to the instructions given in your instructions.

Install an attic ladder: ladder

Video Instruction: Werner Aluminum Attic Ladder - Long Installation Video