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For practical reasons, you can choose to install a laundry area in the bathroom. Reconcile practice and aesthetics is not easy, but is quite possible. Simply choose the locations, undertake some work and voila! Here are some tips for installing a laundry area in a bathroom.

Install a laundry area in a bathroom

Install a laundry area in a bathroom

Lay out a laundry area: tips

The first solution is to create a cloisonné space in a corner of the bathroom. It will then install a high cupboard with several compartments: the lower one being reserved for the washing machine, the others for sorting clothes or clothes to iron. You must choose a shallow and not too imposing furniture, preferably with sliding doors to gain space. And the height of the closet can match that of the ceiling, to exploit the space to the maximum. If space allows, it is possible to set up a partition or a curtain to better delimit the premises.

In case of insufficient space

The laundry room can be integrated directly into the bathroom. The first thing to do is then to find the right location for the washing machine. This appliance must blend completely into the room. As before, it is wise to install a piece of furniture whose height is equivalent to that of the ceiling. If this is not possible, the washing machine can find its place under the washbasin or the washbasin, in all discretion. We can make sure that the window is the only visible element so that the equipment passes completely unnoticed.

In addition to the washing machine, if space permits, a tumble dryer can be installed. In case of lack of space, there is always the possibility of opting for a two-in-one model. And there are also the dryers that come in different models, such as the folding version that is placed on a wall near the shower or bath to avoid wetting the floor and which closes easily when not in use.

And work side...

After choosing the location of the equipment, we go to the work stage. It must provide a water supply, but also a conduit to evacuate wastewater. Do not neglect the electrical installation to the extent that we use various equipment in a laundry (washing machine, dryer or iron). In particular, it must be ensured that the outlets are suitable and can withstand the power of the appliances, provide for the installation of a circuit breaker if necessary. It is recommended to use the know-how of a plumber or a certified electrician to perform the installations in the standards.

Finally, the bathroom must be well ventilated to regulate the humidity and prevent mold: it may be necessary to create a window or install a controlled mechanical ventilation system (VMC).

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