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I live for rent, and I have a room where there is no lighting at all. I would like to install the lighting in this room. I thought of connecting a socket with an electrical cable to a switch that is plugged into an existing wall outlet, and the cables going into a trunking / molding along the walls. But I do not know how to make connections. Can you explain me in DETAILS with schematics please? Knowing that I am renting and that I can not put the insert but that applies it.

In order for your installation to be up to standard, you must leave a junction box. You can then install your conductors ("solid" or "solid" core wires) under a PVC trunking, wand or skirting board. The neutral wire (blue) will go directly to the socket, the ground wire (green / yellow, green or yellow) will be connected directly to the luminaire, the live wire (red or any other color than the previous ones going through the switch ( at which point it will change color, see the diagram "SINGLE SWITCH, CONNECTION DIAGRAM" on our website.

Warning! Under the Law on Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU Act), on the concept of "decent housing", the owner of a rented apartment is obliged to ensure normal lighting of all rooms. You can ask your landlord to do this work at his own expense.

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