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I have to remake the soil at home after a damage to the work. Craftsmen offers me two solutions: -the first is to break the thin screed and redo "classic" -the second is to install a diaphragm dislocation type "Ditra" from Schulter. Not knowing at all this system would you tell me if the second solution is viable in time?

It is difficult to give an opinion without seeing the extent of the damage, you do not specify the nature of the exact damage, let alone its origin. It seems that it is the "thin" screed that is involved with cracking of the tiles?

If the slab has been affected, pouring a screed directly over it may not give fantastic results.

Installing a Schlüter DITRA mat is a good idea if the substrate is sound and the coating is tiled. This mat makes it possible to decouple the coating from the support and thus to neutralize the tensions resulting from the differences in expansion between the support and the tiled covering. Thus any cracks will not be transmitted to the tiles. This mat also provides a certain seal. It is a very technical product which, well installed has already proven itself.

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