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Install moldings and cornices on the ceiling

Ideal to give charm and add a decorative touch to your interior, moldings and other cornices are installed in a jiffy, it is still necessary to have the right technique and the right tools.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Saint Marc type laundry
One meter
A spirit level
A wooden pencil
A backpack saw
A saw and a miter box
A special cut cornice box
A handsaw of finishing
Sandpaper with very fine grain (200)
A spatula
A glue gun
A clamp
Cornices and / or moldings
Filling plaster
Special polystyrene cartridge glue or contact glue for double gluing
Acrylic sealant

Step 1: preparation and identification of the surface

Moldings and other cornices must be installed on a painted surface, perfectly clean, smooth and dry. If necessary, wash the surface.
To determine the length of your cornices and moldings, measure the lengths of your four walls. Then, in pencil, trace the lines on the cornices or moldings.

Step 2: Cut corners and cornices

Place your cornice in the tab and cut each angle (depending on wall measurements), entering or leaving. To cut the cornice, engage the saw blade in the notch of the miter box corresponding to the angle you wish to obtain.

Install moldings and cornices on the ceiling: cornices

It is possible that the dimensions of the wall require several lengths of cornices. In this case, the ends must be square so that the join is done properly.

Install moldings and cornices on the ceiling: install

Step 3: the collage

Before the collage, place the cornices blank at their places then draw their lines of support on all the walls with the pencil. Depending on the material used, there are two types of gluing, single gluing for polystyrene or double gluing for polyurethane and plaster.
For simple sizing, apply a bead of glue on both sides of the cornice that will come into contact with the ceiling and wall. The glue layers should be one centimeter thick and do not overflow.
For double sizing, use a contact adhesive.

Then press the cornices to the intended location against the wall until the glue picks up. Then remove the excess glue.

Step 4: the finishes

Connect and mask the junction between the different cornices with the filler that you apply in thin layer with the spatula.

Install moldings and cornices on the ceiling: cornices

For tight spaces, use your fingers.
Allow the coating to dry, then sand the fittings gently with very fine grit sandpaper.
Dust the surface then paint it in two layers with acrylic or vinyl paint.

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