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I want to install 4 outlets in a partition type BA13. How to connect the jacks between them? Do we have to add the 3 ground neutral phase wires each time at each plug in a sheath?

The standard NF C 15-100 must be scrupulously respected for all electrical work. The three conductors (phase, neutral, earth) must be 2.5mm². The phase and the neutral will be connected to the female terminals (which are always facing) while the earth will be connected to the male terminal. Also remember that the standard requires catches that are at least 5 cm above the ground. The conductors will be protected by a conduit (IRL: rigid rigid insulation) of 16 mm. For optimum protection of the conductors, the ducts are connected without discontinuity using bypass tees, elbows or sleeves. The connection will be made in parallel: the terminals being connected together in pairs within the limit of 5 taken per circuit, protected by a bipolar circuit breaker 20A. See this diagram.

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