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Install outdoor motion detector lighting

Very practical for outdoor lighting, the motion detectors control the lighting of a light terminal by lighting up at the least passage. To avoid nuisance tripping, they must be installed with the utmost care.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A luminaire with movement sensor, compliant with the NF standard and suitable for outdoor lighting, with protection ratings IP (X) 3 and IMP (X) 4, which guarantee protection against rain and splashing water..
A 16-amp branch circuit breaker or a 10-amp fuse.
A 30mA AC type differential switch (only if you have no external lighting circuit already installed).
U1000 RO2V cable.
A wire stripper.
A pickaxe.
A shovel.
A tape measure.
Of the earth.
A red plastic warning grill for electric cables (green for telephone lines).
A red TPC sheath.
Screws and dowels adapted to your support.
A percussion drill.

Step 1: Provide the connection to the electrical circuit.

Install outdoor motion detector lighting: outdoor

At the head of the circuit, if it is not already the case, it will imperatively be necessary to provide a differential protection of 30mA.
Your new connection must then be protected one (or more) circuit breaker of 16 amps for lighting circuit.
The current will first be fed to the detector, which is itself connected to a lamp.

Step 2: Determine the location of the detector.

To avoid accidental triggering of the detector, it is imperative to take into account all the elements located in its field of action, likely to start it like branches of trees agitated by the wind, the movements of the street, etc..
It is also possible according to the devices to adjust the detection power, to do this, refer to your instructions.

Step 3: Install the luminaire and detector.

Fix the luminaire and the detector by dotting them directly on their support.
As for the cables, run them along the front, fixing them with small staples.

Step 4: Install the buried pipe (if your cables must cross the garden).

To respect the standards in force, your wiring must imperatively be buried in a TPC sheath following specific instructions, indicated in our "burying an electrical pipe".

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