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Install an optical peephole and a digital peephole

When living in an apartment, it is not safe to open the door to anyone. The barrier provides some protection, but "foot in the door" is a technique known to home sellers and malicious people. It is therefore prudent to set up a peephole, a simple optical eyecup or a more sophisticated video device, to safely see who is ringing or knocking on the door.

The installation of a juda, whether it is a peephole or a digital device, involves the piercing of the post office. This is (practically) not possible with an armored door, at least with the tools of an amateur. The Judah must be placed at a suitable height to allow, according to the size of the people, to reach it easily. You must drill with a wood drill bit of sufficient diameter to avoid over-grinding the hole. Even if the eyecup, on the outside and inside, covers the edge of the hole, it is necessary to drill with care so as not to burst the possible veneer of the door.

Install an optical peephole and a digital peephole

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