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We have a sealing with insulation because there is an apartment below. My question is: this sealing with insulation receives a slab on studs. Can this terrace support planters? and what is the exact weight per square meter. What can this seal receive so as not to damage it?

To install planters on slabs on plots implies to know the resistance of the slabs, the plots, and the admissible limits vis-à-vis the risks of punching of the sealing. The standard indicates, for these structures, a load of 400 kg / m2. It must be verified that the overloads added are compatible with the loads allowed by the various components: slabs, studs, watertightness, thermal insulation. Normally, the implementation of planters full of soil, which must in any case remain relatively light to possibly be moved in case of intervention on sealing, does not pose any problems.

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