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Choose it, protect it, renovate it, repaint it,... The work plan is a lot of questions for the do-it-yourselfers who will find here many advices whatever the material: zinc, resin, wood, granite, terrazzo, tiling, concrete wax…

How to maintain a zinc work plan?

How to properly maintain a work plan in old zinc? Acidic products show new white spots.

Zinc is a solid and very durable material, but it is necessary to accept differences in color due to aggressive liquids... or avoid spilling on zinc this type of product. The zinc patina with time under theeffect of oxidation. The varnish does not make sense in the long run. Zinc is a material that must stay raw. The only way to standardize the hue would be to stripping completely. Different acid solutions are possible (beware of vapors and splashes!) But theelbow oil with steel wool is still the best solution, widely practiced by junk dealers.

Install a sink and worktop

Hello cricri that I listen every Saturday. Here I go back to my new villa in May 2016 and the kitchen is empty there is only the oven and the intake of water for the sink. Everything has to be done. I lean for a small kitchen but I do not know how to do with the worktop and the sink. Do I have to cut a short work plan I anguish. Especially to put a sink.

Install a sink and one workplan is within the reach of any person sufficiently careful, having time, and equipped with basic equipment: screwdriver, drill, spirit level, jigsaw... kitchen design specialists: Lapeyre, Ikea, Castorama, Leroy Merlin... offer worktops, sinks, cupboards, etc... easily adaptable to all situations. The laying a sink in a work plan does not pose any particular problems. You just have to be rigorous in the rating. The cutting of the work plan is done in two phases. The four angles are first drilled using a drill diameter 8 or 10, the cutting of the straight lines between these four angles is done using the jigsaw. Even if the cut is not perfect, the edge of the sink will cover this cutting area that will never be visible.

Peel off a resin sink from a worktop

How to remove a resin sink that is glued to silicone all around and directly in contact with the worktop without having enough room for a cutter blade? Thank you for your reply!

If this resin sink must not be reused, two solutions seem possible:
- The first is simply to break with mass, which then allows to leverage the pieces remained glued.
- Another method, less brutal, but likely to degrade the bonding area at the worktop, is to lift the sink with a car jack placed underneath. This technique can often overcome very (too) resistant assemblies.
Finally, for take off the silicone seal, you can try to heat it with a heat gun, taking care however not to degrade the worktop (especially if it is a veneered panel).

Renovate a wooden kitchen plan

My wooden kitchen worktop is old, can you tell me with what current product and more modern, I can cover it?

In the first place, wood has never been so trendy. If your work plan seems "old" in appearance but in good condition, you can sandblast and make it look like new, by applying a varnish on the work surface resistant enough for this use, for example a polyurethane varnish.
If the "wood" aspect is a nuisance, you can cover it by gluing (after serious degreasing of the surface) with any easily washable material, resistant to heat and bacteria: tiles, laminate, stainless steel, glass, aluminum... In order to properly manage the extra thickness related to the laying of this coating, it is necessary to deposit in advance the recessed elements in the worktop, in general the sink and the hob.
Finally, you can use a colored resin, making sure to practice a very good preparation of the support.

Choose a resistant kitchen worktop in the long term

I have to redo a kitchen worktop I want a sturdy material that fears neither scratches nor heat, nor possibly repairable stains. Corian? quartz? possibly a new product?

The tiled worktops are simple to maintain and very resistant over time, but they have the disadvantage of possible fouling of the joints between the tiles... When we want a united appearance, the Corian is indeed one of the best choice in terms of strength and resistance to the most diverse assaults. But you also have the opportunity to get for natural stone: granite, shale, etc.

Painting a granite worktop

I have a spotted green granite worktop, and I would like to know if it is possible to paint it or put a resin on it because the color does not please me and if so what kind and what brand. I think something special is needed for granite? and also how to proceed (if it is necessary to sand?)?

In principle, a granite worktop is not designed to be painted, because it will then be affected by a certain fragility to shocks, heat, humidity.
Nevertheless, we find in paint traders and DIY superstores resins that can be applied on such a support. Beforehand, the worktop must be completely degreased and lightly sanded, taking care to dismantle the elements that are built in: sink, baking tray, etc. to ensure perfect continuity of the resin in every corner.

Protect a wooden worktop

To protect a wooden worktop I would like to cover it with resin type boat, can I tile over ?.

Protecting a wooden worktop with a resin is a good idea for the durability of this worktop. It is possible in most cases to stick tiles on this kind of resin. Simply retain a glue compatible with resins, which are usually based on epoxy or polyurethane. Note however that a resin or a good polyurethane varnish can be enough to protect the wood, without the need to stick tile over it...

Can we cover a wooden worktop with a waxed concrete?

On a wooden worktop, can we make waxed concrete? Thank you!

Covering a wood worktop with waxed concrete is strongly discouraged. Indeed, a work plan is intended to be requested and to undergo thermal shocks: heat, cold, water, more or less aggressive cleaning products. The wood, whatever the chosen species, is never completely stable, and "moves" according to the heat, the cold, the degree of humidity, whereas a polished concrete is a rigid coating and without any flexibility, which means eventually cracks and detachments.

Dress the singing of a tiled worktop

I would like to redo my worktop with rectified porcelain stoneware tiles in 80 x 80. I found in 2nd choice at 20 € per m²; my work plan is 62 cm wide so I'm going to have a cut, I would like to know what I can put on the song because my work plan goes diagonally and something else than a strip of tile because I do not do not know how I will do to cut the tile in 4 cm.

Dressing the singing of a porcelain stoneware worktop can be conceived in many ways. First of all, nothing prevents cutting a 4 cm strip in a tile tile with a machine.
To cover a thickness of 4 cm and stay in the spirit "tiling", there are friezes, which are numerous to have a height of 4 cm.
It is also possible to dress the edge with a wooden cleat, chosen from a durably moisture-resistant gasoline, and in a different kind, stick on the edge an anodized aluminum profile, which can be found in some department stores and metal merchants.

Redo a kitchen work plan

I am a tenant and I would like to redo the work plan of my kitchen without undoing the tiles. What can I put on?

A makeover with a colored resin can give a youthful look to your work plan. The "Renovation worktop renovation" system has been specially designed for this type of work. A sheet APPLYING A RESIN ON A KITCHEN WORK PLAN describes the operation on our site. If you are a good handyman it is a very good solution. Follow the advice recommended in the RESIN GUIDE and simply plan an increase in resin consumption ranging from 5 to 20% depending on the surface condition and the size of the tile joints.

This being the case, it is not excluded that the owner, at your departure, asks you for a restoration of the original state of your work plan... which would be very difficult! A solution could be its doubling with concrete slab or simply CTBX (Marine) plywood on which you could put the tile or waterproof coating of your choice, this doubling being removably fixed by screwing (you would not, after disassembly, only to fill in the dowel holes, ideally drilled in the joints of the current tiles.

Food paint

I have a work plan that I would like to repaint. I was told that there were specific paintings for the work plans (painting adapted for food) and I would like to know the name of this painting and the price. thank you in advance

In principle, food paints are paints for walls, ceilings and possibly floors, meeting a number of very specific health criteria. They are not specifically intended for the painting of a worktop, subject to particular constraints (shocks, scratches, effafules, etc.). One of the brands specialized in food painting is OXYTOL:

Painting a tiled worktop

In my kitchen, I have simple tiles of white color and on the work plan also. I would like to paint it in a pastel color to make it more beautiful. Will the paint hold on this tile and especially on the worktop, where the utensils are often placed.

Can we paint a tiled kitchen worktop?

Do not dream: no paint will have the resistance of the tiles of a worktop. I do not think a special tiling will hold. However, you may be able to try the following:

polish tiling with a sanding machine, with a suitable abrasive; apply a primer; repaint the worktop with a floor paint (type V33 for concrete floor).

The guarantee is not absolute...

Website V33: //

Make a granite worktop

I want to make two granite worktops: - 120/60/6 under a built-in grill; - 1/4 of 60/6 circle in front of an oven. I currently have this recipe: fine white quartz sand (HMT), gray cement (CPJ45 Portland) and white (Calcia), water repellent to waterproof (Lankosec 321 Lafarge), dye based on iron oxide (Lanko 332 Lafarge, fibers 1 kg / m3) and various aggregates. What can I remove and what should I add to this composition to resist the range and especially the heat?

The problem lies in what the professionals call the traffic of the aggregates, then the sanding of the surface. Check out the site

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