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Installing a sauna in a bathroom is a dream now available to many of us. Its benefits, the models available, the work to be planned... discover in this article all the information to know before installing your bath sauna.

Install a sauna in a bathroom

Install a sauna in a bathroom

Why install a sauna in a bathroom?

  • The benefits of the sauna at home

A sauna equals a dry heat bath and its health virtues are multiple. In addition to the intense feeling of relaxation and well-being it provides, the sauna also the elimination of toxins and cleanses your skin causing abundant sweating.

  • The bathroom for the installation of a sauna

If it is traditionally practiced in a room entirely devoted to it, the sauna is now installed everywhere. Note that a sauna session is always followed by a shower. For obvious reasons of comfort, it is better to install it in the bathroom.

Which sauna model to choose for a bathroom?

1. The traditional sauna

The traditional sauna heating system works with a wood stove or electric stove. For obvious practical reasons, the second is now the most widespread.
The temperatures it allows vary between 80 and 90° C. Its benefits on the body therefore remain the closest to those allowed by the traditional Finnish sauna.

2. The infrared heat sauna

Infrared heating produces waves close to those of Sun, providing a penetrating and beneficial warmth for the body. This type of sauna can reach temperatures between 40 and 60° C, ideal for people who do not support the heat released by the traditional sauna.

Installation work of a sauna in a bathroom
There are many models of kit cabs to assemble yourself. In order to limit congestion, there are also cabins combined, integrating both the shower and the sauna.

The installation of a sauna is subject to certain conditions:

  • a ceiling height of at least 2 m;
  • a distance of 5 to 10 cm between the walls of the cabin and the walls of the bathroom.

The assembly of the sauna in itself, if it is not custom-made, does not require very advanced technical skills. However, the electrical installation must imperatively be conducted by a professional.

Video Instruction: How to install a Sauna and wet room