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Install a bath screen

Perfect to avoid splashing and improve the comfort of your bathroom, the screens of bathtubs, also called shower screens, settle in no time.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A drill.
A tungsten carbide drill.
A washable felt.
A tape measure.
A chalk line.
A screwdriver.
Screws with the right diameter.

Step 1: Prepare the surface.

Before installing your shower screen, you need to take some marks on the wall.
At the level of the bathtub, mark with erasable marker a mark on the wall at 3 cm from the outside edge of your bathtub
Using the chalk line, make a vertical straight line from your marker.
Then make a blank pose and refer to the wall the location of the shower screen mounting holes (the attachment will be either with a strip or with two brackets depending on the model and materials supplied by the manufacturer).

Install a bath screen: bath

Step 2: Pierce the tiles.

To pierce the tiles on your wall, start with a pre-hole with a needle or a large nail.
Then cover your tile with tape.
When drilling, use the lowest speed, without jerking or squeezing your tool.

Step 3: Set up the shower screen.

To fix the strip to the wall, install a concrete anchor in the hole provided for this purpose.
Then install the slider using the anchoring technique.
To fix the brackets start with the bottom one, always pegging, then the top one.
Then slide the shower screen between the brackets

Install a bath screen: bath

Video Instruction: How to Install a Bath Screen