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Install sliding cupboard doors

Difficulty level

Medium (it is advisable to be two for this operation)

Tools and materials needed

Metal saw
Mesureing tape
Screwdriver / unscrewing
Spirit level
Electric drill
Rails and sliding doors for cupboards in kit

Preparation of the surface and equipment

Measure the length of the cupboard with a tape measure to calculate the cuts of the rails
With the hacksaw, cut the rails to the desired length. To prevent the rails from being deformed during this operation, it is advisable to place a wooden block between their cheeks.

Install sliding cupboard doors: rail

Pre-drill two holes, at the ends of each rail, using the drill.

Laying rails

Begin by attaching the top rail by screwing it to the ceiling at pre-drilled holes.
Using the chalk line and spirit level, install the bottom rail on the ground, parallel to and in line with the top rail.
Then attach the rail to the ground by screwing it to the ground at the pre-drilled holes.

Laying the doors

First install the door to slide on the rear rail. Start by sliding the top of the door into the top rail, then adjust the height of the door casters with a screwdriver so that they are at the correct height so that the door is aligned against the wall when closed. Then slide the lower part of the door into the rail, without forgetting to adjust the height of the wheels
Repeat the same operation for the door on the front of the rail.
Finally, check that your doors are sliding well. If this is not the case, simply change the setting of the wheels, changing their height with a screwdriver.

Install sliding cupboard doors: doors

Video Instruction: Sliding Doors Installation Video