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Install a smoke detector (DAAF)

Although the obligation to install smoke detectors does not come into force until 2015, it is prudent to equip the house now, especially to avoid being a victim of the shortage that will not fail to occur when the law comes into force. This type of device perceives smoke via an optical detector and triggers a powerful audible alarm. The cost of acqusition is low and the installation very simple.

The smoke detector must be securely fastened to the ceiling or wall: it will be screwed and not glued. In a house with floor (s), it is necessary to install 1 detector per level, preferably in the entrance and on each landing. It is best to install them on the ceiling, but it is possible to do it at the top of the wall. Rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms should not be equipped with them to prevent nuisance tripping due to the emission of water vapor. No detector will be installed in a boiler room near an open fire or with an insert (the return of smoke, for example during an ignition, which may cause the release of alarm).

Install a smoke detector (DAAF)

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