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The installation of solar panels requires a significant investment. There are a number of things to consider, such as the panel model, the installation configuration, and the power, to determine how much to spend.

What price for the installation of solar panels?

Today, the installation of photovoltaic panels costs between 18,000 and 22,000 euros.

This cost involves a set of elements:

  • The price of the panels: it fluctuates according to the model, the range and the power, from 150 to 1000 euros.
  • The installation of the panels on the roof: this operation requires work, more or less heavy depending on the age of the house, performed by a professional roofer. It should be noted that the systems with integrated modules to the frame are almost 11% more expensive than the panels placed above the roof. The additional cost is justified by the additional labor, the accessories necessary for the deconstruction of a part of the roof.
  • The installation of the inverter: it transforms the electricity produced by photovoltaic solar panels into direct current so that it is then fed into the public electricity grid.
  • Meteringthey will allow to calculate the production and the income that it generates.

Here is a table of estimates of the pre-tax costs:

Power of the installation

Panels fixed above the roof

Panels integrated into the frame

<3 kWp

6 to 7 € / Wc

7 to 8 € / Wc

3 to 36 kWp

5 to 7 € / Wc

6.5 to 9 € / Wc

36 to 100 kWp

4 to 6 € / Wc

6.5 to 9 € / Wc

What expenses should be expected in addition to the installation of photovoltaic solar panels?

The installation costs are added to those connection. At low voltage (<36KVA) and under the conditions of a simple configuration (few jobs, proximity to the network), it is necessary to count around 1000 euros and up to 2500 euros for the complex arrangements (distance of the lines, works, etc.). For more powerful voltages, the connection tariff is more difficult to predict because the work to be implemented is heavier and requires more manpower.

It should also take into account the rental of meters that amounts to about 50 euros per year and the administrative procedures vary from 100 to 500 euros according to installers who, for the most part, take charge.

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