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Installing a self-adhesive credenza in your bathroom is very tempting because it allows to change the decor and renovate the wall covering at a lower cost. Its application is ultra-fast and requires only a very slight preparation to ensure perfect adhesion. Another important advantage: the self-adhesive credence is very easy to maintain and resists moisture very well.

Credenza: prepare your support

Before anything else, it is important to to prepare your support so that the adhesion is optimal and prevent the coating from peeling off with moisture. Be aware that self-adhesive credentials apply on all types of media whether it is on tiles, glass or on the wall directly. The most common is to put a sticker on tiling in the case of a renovation or simply to change the decor without embarking on complicated work. Before applying the credence, just degrease the tiles with a little alcohol and rinse with clear water without drying. The bathroom is a very humid room, it is essential to prepare the support to ensure a perfect adhesion.

Ask a bathroom credenza sticker

In case you have chosen an adhesive tile, take the coating and cut it to the right dimensions, thinking of the cuts for the walls of the shower. Once the cuts are done, remove the protective film and glue the credenza on the slightly damp tile. Know that at some manufacturers you can order custom adhesive credentials already pre-cut to facilitate your task even more. Be careful because the self-adhesive credentials are not repositionable. So avoid making mistakes when laying and avoid touching the adhesive side with your fingers so that the adhesion is perfect. If you choose to apply an aluminum panel, remember to check the direction of the frame so you do not put it upside down.

How to maintain your bathroom credenza sticker?

In addition to being very easy to install, the self-adhesive credenza is also very easy to maintain everyday. Whether it's decorated aluminum panels or adhesive tiling, maintenance is a breeze! Just use a damp sponge and some product to clean the windows and you're done. No need to complicate your life with the cleaning of joints encrusted with mold and limestone.

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