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Install a recessed spot

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A pencil
An electric drill and its accessories for bell saw corresponding to the diameter of the spots that you will find on their packing
A screwdriver with isolated handle
A compass
A wire stripper
Cutting pliers
A complete kit for recessed spot
An electrical transformer adapted to your installation
A two-conductor cable, compatible with your installation and with the transformer
A connection bar

Some safety rules:

This installation is only compatible with false ceilings.
The transformer must not be more than three meters from the spot.
The power must be cut during the installation of the spot.
Insulating materials should be removed around the lighting.
If the ceiling is under a floor, there must be a gap of at least 15 cm between the ceiling and the battens to prevent overheating.

Step 1: Prepare the location of the spot.

Choose the location of the spot and draw it on the false ceiling using the compass.
Install the hole saw at the end of the drill and cut the plaster on the path of your circle.

Step 2: Install the transformer.

Connect the transformer cable to the power cable by securing them with the insulated screwdriver in the domino.

Install a recessed spot: transformer

Insert the transformer into the hole and place it in the false ceiling at least 10 cm away from the spot (s).
Connect the two-wire cable to the transformer output terminal and hang it through the ceiling opening.

Install a recessed spot: install

Step 3: Install the socket.

Connect the leads from the socket to the cable connected to the transformer output terminal, using the connection bar.
Fix the spots in the holes using their clip system.
Then install the bulb to the socket by fitting inside the formwork the ring used to hold the bulb.
Turn on the electricity and check that your spot is working properly.

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