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Installing a steam room in a bathroom is a project that brings some questions. What are the conditions to meet to allow its installation in a bathroom? Which model to choose and which budget to provide? Do I need a professional for installation work? Our answers in this article.

Install a hammam in a bathroom

Install a hammam in a bathroom

Install a steam room in a bathroom, the conditions

The bathroom is ideal for the installation of a hammam, this one being at the origin of an important humidity. Installing a steam room in a bathroom, however, remains a major project that requires some preparation.

To begin, check imperatively:

  • that your bathroom is tall enough (take into account the opening of the hammam which is done to the outside);
  • that your bathroom also hasa ceiling height of at least 2 m;
  • that the space has an arrival anda water evacuation, as well as an electrical outlet (which will supply the steam generator of the steam room).

Hammam, which model to choose for a bathroom?

The choice of your hammam depends on the space available in your bathroom and your budget.

1. The mason hammam (9000 to 12 000 €)

A custom built hammam fits all your desires as long as you have enough space and a budget. This hammam is a high-end solution that can take all the desired shapes and can be embellished with multiple options and accessories.

2. The steam cabin (900 to 2000 €)

This hammam takes the form of a shower cabin (combined hammam / shower) and remains the cheapest option and the easiest to set up.

Installation work of a hammam in a bathroom

1. The mason hammam

Installing a custom hammam requires the intervention of a professional. Indeed, several stages of construction are necessary here:

  • laying of the coating;
  • electrical connections;
  • plumbing connections.

2. The steam cabin

If you plan to install your own steam room, you will need excellent DIY and plumbing skills. Indeed, if the assembly of the cabin kit remains relatively accessible, think that you will also have to provide for the installation of the steam generator outside the cabin, in a well ventilated space.

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