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Install a monobloc manual awning

Ideal to protect you from the heat and the sun, your awning must be chosen with care, and especially with the right dimensions (before launching you, take the measurements of your window and your terrace, and do not hesitate to make you advise by a qualified seller). Rest then to install it solidly to take full advantage of its garden.

Tool and materials needed:

A pencil.
A spirit level.
A tape measure.
A drill and drills adapted to your support (most often concrete bits).
Chemical anchors.
An extruder gun.
A pipe wrench.
An eye key.

Difficulty level:


Step 1: Determine the location of the blind.

Depending on the configuration of the place, your awning will be placed directly on the facade, above the window or on the ceiling, under a roof return, or under a balcony.
Using the tape measure and spirit level, mark the location of the fasteners on the wall with a wood pencil, following the manufacturer's instructions.
Lay down the mounting brackets and mark markers where the pre-holes will be used to fix the fasteners.

Step2: install the blind fasteners.

Install a monobloc manual awning: install

Start by drilling holes that match the diameter of the threaded rod and a depth slightly greater than its length.
Dust off the holes and then inject the anchor mortar, filling them with an extruder gun.
Tuck the threaded rods into the holes, turning them on themselves before the mortar hardens.
Finally, adjust the fixing plate with the threaded rods and then secure them with nuts that you will lock with a wrench.

Step3: install the awning.

Install a monobloc manual awning: awning

Secure the banjo block with the brackets, fixing them with the washers and nuts provided in the kit, and while scrupulously following your instructions.
Complete their tightening by blocking them with a suitable wrench (eye or pipe).
It remains to adjust the inclination of the blind by changing its setting and then to fix the crank as indicated on the instructions.

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