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Install a thermostatic faucet

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools and materials needed:

A screwdriver.
A wrench.
A glass.

The radiator must be vented and the heating circuit well drained before replacing the valve.

Step 1: remove the old faucet.

Start by removing the original fixing handle. To do this, remove the central fixing screw from the valve head.

Install a thermostatic faucet: faucet

Loosen the connecting nuts of the faucet body with a wrench; have a container to hold water that may leak during this operation.

Step 2: Set up the new faucet.

Install the body of the new faucet by tightening its nuts tightly, not forgetting the seals if you have them in the faucet kit.

Install a thermostatic faucet: install

Finally, set up the new faucet, which usually attaches with a screw ring or locking ring. You may need a special locking tool for some models.

Install a thermostatic faucet: radiator

Video Instruction: Installation Guide - Thermostatic Shower Valves