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Install wall carpet.

Slightly obsolete, wall-mounted carpet remains a classic in terms of sound insulation, especially for staircases or music rooms. Be careful, this type of coating is strongly discouraged for damp rooms or bathrooms.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Carpet roll.
Special carpet glue.
A sharp knife or scissors.
A metal ruler.
A brush and a knife to coat.

Step 1: preparing the surface.

Before you start laying carpet, make sure your wall is perfectly healthy and clean. If this is not the case, then the problem must be remedied by applying the filling compound and the smoothing compound.

Step 2: preparation of the coating.

Place yourself against a wall and unroll the carpet on the entire wall to cover If you need help from a third person.
The dimensions of the carpet must be greater than those of the wall of about ten centimeters on each side.
It is now necessary to center the coating with respect to the part.

Step 3: Cut the carpet.

Cut your carpet to the dimensions of your room with a wide plaster knife and press on its blade to cut the overhang to the cutter. Remember to stop about twenty centimeters before each corner.

Install wall carpet.: carpet

For angles, fold down the carpet so that the underside is visible. Place a metal ruler in the extension of the cut already made. With a cutter, finish cutting the carpet according to the rule and leaning on a support (cutting board or cardboard) to spare the carpet below.

Step 4: glue the wall.

During this step, it is better to be helped by a person who will maintain the second part of the carpet when you fix the first.
Spread the glue with the brush on the first half of the support, and this as uniformly as possible, avoiding to make pies.
Lay the first half of the carpet on the wall and then rub it with a cleat to eliminate any air bubbles.
Do the same for the second part of the carpet.

Step 5: the finishes.

Finally, remains to install the possible skirting boards.

Video Instruction: How to install carpet on walls