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Install WC: Define your project

Before rolling up your sleeves and throwing yourself headlong into the installation of your new toilet, it is better to prepare to determine its needs and provide everything necessary. To guide you in your project, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to define and plan it to leave nothing to chance!

Step 1: Define the required skills.

Between the arrival of water and the various connections, it is better to have some notions of plumbing to embark on this type of site.
If you are a handyman, it is conceivable to ask yourself your new toilet pack.

Step 2: Define the construction time and the necessary manpower.

Count from a few hours to one afternoon to install your WC pack, depending on the configuration of your toilet.
A person will suffice amply as the space is often cramped, it is better to avoid being with several not to walk on it.

Step 3: When to begin your project?

It is quite conceivable to start this type of work at any season.

Step 4: Define the necessary tools.

Whatever type of toilet you need: a screwdriver, a spirit level, a drill, concrete drills, dowels and screws.

Step 5: Define and choose the necessary products and materials.

Between the different bowls and materials, the multiple systems of evacuation or flush of water, it is better to look twice at it according to your tastes, your budget as well as the configuration of your room.

Step 6: estimate the budget.

Depending on the materials used, the price of a WC pack is extremely variable. Count anyway a minimum investment of 100 euros.

Step 7: where to start

You will find on the net and in specialized magazines valuable information to install your new WC
Install a WC pack.

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