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Install Venetian Blinds

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A spirit level
A pencil
A ruler
One meter
A drill
Anchors and screws adapted
A screwdriver

To simplify the task, it is advisable to buy blinds corresponding to the measurements of your windows or to have them cut directly in the store. Know that it is impossible to cut wooden Venetian blinds.

Step 1: determine the measurements of the blinds (before the purchase)

The measurements of your blinds are to be determined according to the arrangement of your window and the place where you wish to fix it.

If the window is located in a recess, you can choose to place the awning inside or outside the recess.
If you place the awning inside the frame, the width of the awning should be slightly less than that of the doorway, count 2cm less on each side. The height of the blind will have to be 2cm less than that of the doorway. Do not forget to provide enough height so that once the awning is installed and reassembled, it is possible to open the window.

Install Venetian Blinds: awning

If you want to install the awning outside the frame, count 5cm more than the width of the embrasure on each side of the blind. Also provide enough height to be able to open the window once the blind is put in place.

Install Venetian Blinds: venetian

If you want to install the awning directly on the windows of the window, the width of the blind must be greater than that of the window by adding 1.5 cm on each side. If your doors are PVC or aluminum, it is advisable to use suitable brackets that are fixed without drilling or prefer a wall or ceiling installation.

Install Venetian Blinds: window

To place the awning in line with the window, the width of the awning must be greater than that of the 10cm window on each side, as for the height, it must also be 10cm higher than the recess.

Install Venetian Blinds: window

Step 2: Take the right benchmarks

It is possible to install your supports in three different locations:

On the wall

Install Venetian Blinds: awning


Install Venetian Blinds: blinds

Between two walls

Install Venetian Blinds: venetian

Once the location of the brackets has been decided, position the awning to check that it is straight with the help of the spirit level.
Then place the pencils in the pencils, especially the screws on the wall, and check their alignment and straightness with a mason's ruler and a spirit level.

Step 3: Installing the brackets

Drill the holes for the dowels, then the screws that will hold the support to the wall.
Then screw the brackets into the wall (or ceiling). If your awning is particularly wide, we recommend screwing intermediate supports, located at an equal distance from the base supports.

Step 4: Installing the blind

Lift the hinged covers off the brackets and slide the blind housing into them. This step may vary from one store to another, so we advise you to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before starting.

Then close the hinged covers of the awning securely.
Finally, open and close your blind several times to check that it is working properly.

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