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Install a wall frieze

Ideal for decorating a child's room or to complete the decoration of your wallpaper, the wall friezes are a snap. They usually sit up, down, or in the middle of the wall.



Necessary tools:

A ruler
A spirit level
A pencil
A cutter
Frieze glue adapted to your support (for vinyl or wallpaper)
A gluing brush
A marbling brush
A glue board, or a flat surface
A sponge
A stepladder (depending on the installation height chosen)

If you install the friezes in the continuity of the wallpaper, it is imperative to wait at least 24 hours so that it is perfectly dry before starting the installation.

Step 1: Surface preparation

Before getting to work, clean the surface to be bonded with a damp sponge and wait for it to dry.
Using the ruler and spirit level, draw a pencil line at one of the edges of the frieze. You will get a horizontal marker, very useful for positioning the frieze, directly on the wallpaper. This mark may be for the upper or lower edge of the frieze. Just think about not changing it during collage.

Step 2: laying the frieze

Paste the frieze on the table, then fold the accordion, every 50cm approximately, to wear it more easily.
Glue following the pencil line, while unfolding the pre-glued frieze as you go.
When gluing, carefully rub the frieze with a spatula to eliminate any air bubbles.

Install a wall frieze: wall

Quickly wipe off any glue dripping with a clean, damp sponge.

To draw the line as to paste the frieze, it is better to plan to be two. Indeed, folding accordion can fall, the glue can take too quickly... One glue and smooth carefully as and when the other holds.

Video Instruction: How to install prepasted wallpaper border