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Very practical wall sconces allow you to illuminate your interior while adding a small decorative touch, all without much clutter. Depending on the desired effect, you can opt for different types of lighting: direct lighting or screened, spot pointed at an object to highlight, spot pointed on the ceiling... With a spot pointed at an object, you can put it in value, where a spot pointed to the ceiling will give a play of light and shadow that will bring your room to life. More neutral, classic lighting will allow you with direct lighting to maximize the efficiency of your wall, and with soft lighting, to bring light to the room while remaining as discreet as possible. Finally, you can also play on the type of bulb of your wall light: eco-classic for a light close to that of the sun, LED or compact fluorescent fluids to favor a low energy consumption.

Difficulty level: Easy.

Tools and materials needed:
A stepladder.
A drill.
Ankles and associated screws, or moly dowels (depending on the wall).
A bubble level or a laser level.
A pencil.
A screwdriver.
If necessary, a junction box.

Step 1: Determine the location of the wall light.

The wall sconces are usually installed at about one meter eighty in height. Locate the location of your sconce and draw a vertical line using the spirit level or laser level at the exit of the wall wires. Then position your wall light by centering it in relation to the previous line and draw on the wall markers at the location of its fixings. Finally, with the drill, make holes in the location of your marks and place the appropriate wall pegs.

Step 2: Connect the lamp to the electrical circuit.

If your wall light and base have a DLC plug, simply plug your luminaire into a standard socket. In the case where alone, the box would have one, it is possible to buy retail DLC cards that you can then mount on your luminaire. Finally, if the box is not equipped with a DLC plug, or the wires come out directly from the wall, you will have to make the connection using a domino.

Install a wall lamp: wall

Think during this step to respect the color codes of the son: blue with blue for the neutral, and brown with the phase (red, brown, gray, black...). If your wall light is metallic, it will probably also have a connection for the protective conductor: green and yellow.

Step 3: Fix the applique.

Secure your wall light against the wall following the supplier's instructions. If necessary, open the wall light, install a suitable bulb and close it.

Finally, turn on the power and check that the new luminaire is working properly.

Video Instruction: How to Install a Wall-Mounted Light