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Install a wooden deck

Make a wooden deck is within the reach of all good handymen. It is still necessary to have the equipment and the adapted ground. For practical reasons, it is best to install your deck on a slightly sloping concrete slab.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Reinforced mounting brackets made of metal
Expansive bolts
Stainless screws
A spirit level
A drill
A tape measure
A circular saw
A chisel
A brush
Jambs more than 5 cm wide
Impregnation stain for exterior wood
Blades of wood at least 2.5 cm thick and between 7 and 15 cm wide (the more wide your blades are, the easier and quicker to install the deck)

Step 1: Calculate the amount of wood

Before buying the materials, it is necessary to determine the quantity required by your project.
Begin by measuring the length and width of the future terrace and then write it down on a small scale.
Then draw your deck by first placing the joists with a spacing of about 50 cm (always small scale) between each blade. This will give you the number of beams you will need.
For board blades, calculate the number of units required to cover the entire surface of the deck.

Step 2: Wood preparation

If your deck requires joist joints over the length, then sawing the beams.
Then apply a layer of protective stain to your sleepers.

Step 3: laying briquettes

To facilitate the evacuation of water under your terrace and to avoid that the joists do not rot, it is essential to raise them with wedges.
Place briquettes in a little cement every 80 cm along the future joists to raise them.
Plan to put the joists in the direction of the slope, otherwise the water will not flow.

Step 4: the installation of the joists

Install a wooden deck: deck

If your deck is big enough, you can just put the joists on the briquettes. If necessary, you will need to fix them with a little cement.
To connect your beams together over the length, secure them with reinforced metal fixing brackets, fixed with stainless screws.

Step 5: Fixing the blades to the joists

Install a wooden deck: install

Using a screwdriver, attach the blades to the joists using stainless screws.
Make the connections between the different blades at the joists.
Remember to keep a spacing of about 5m between each slat. To do this you can help small wooden wedges.

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