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If you are skilled with your hands and many, because of the weight of the windows, it is possible to perform their pose yourself. However, going through a craftsman is often less expensive than feared. Some price indications and the benefits to which you are entitled when you call a professional.

The installation of a bay window

The installation of a bay window

Average prices of bay windows

For sliding wooden sliding doors with standard dimensions of 215x180 / 210/240 cm, with double glazing, it takes on average 1300 €. PVC, it comes to 930 euros. And aluminum, always, with the same characteristics, its price is around 1100 €

For a fixed wooden bay window, with the same standard dimensions with double glazing, it costs on average 1000 €. In PVC, with the same criteria, calculate an average of 800 €. And for the aluminum, rather 900 €.

It is difficult to evaluate the price of the pose. But there are many sites that allow you to make free quotes. Calling on a professional guarantees you, indeed, security. This is important because the bay windows, by definition, whether sliding or fixed, face the outside and are at the mercy of potential burglars.

Professional pose and benefits

To benefit from the VAT at 5.5%, it is necessary that the purchase of the bay windows and the installation is carried out by a craftsman. Since January 1, 2015, the latter must be certified RGE: Recognized Guarantor of the Environment. Another condition: to own your principal residence

The tax credit in the context of sustainable development implies certain conditions. For bay windows, the glazing must be recognized as insulating. It must have a thermal insulation coefficient equal to or less than 1.6 for 1.4 for PVC windows, wooden windows and 1.8 for aluminum windows.

The installation must be done by an RGE craftsman and you must be the owner of a principal residence, completed for more than two years. Be sure to keep detailed invoices for the professional's intervention to deduct the total amount of work on your tax return.

The tax credit amounts to a maximum of 8000 € for a single person and up to 16 000 € for a couple. Count an increase of € 400 for the first child, € 500 for the second and € 500 from the third.

To note: ANAH and some regional organizations can also give you help. Do not hesitate to inquire before you start quotations.

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