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The installation of a ceramic hob, whether built-in or to install, requires precautions. Environment, power supply and waterproofing: overview of the elements to take into account for the installation of your new ceramic hob.

The environment of the ceramic hob: not to be neglected

Before placing a baking tray, ask the right questions. The first: where to place it? Because if the question is obvious, the answer is much more complex. So that the kitchen is practical and to avoid any domestic accident, three elements must be taken into consideration

  • The heat: a ceramic hob can heat up to 500° C. It must be far enough away from your household appliances and furniture to prevent overheating or other fire. Whether the cooktop is built-in or to be installed, you must keep a distance of about 10 cm from the surrounding walls and furniture. For safety, be aware that it is possible to add a separating plate between the ceramic hob and the neighboring element.
  • The water: in the same way, it is recommended not to place the ceramic hob next to a sink or a water outlet to avoid splashing, harmful to the proper functioning of the plate.
  • The dimensions: the size of the hob but also the separation plate if there are and power cables. For your measurements, think of all the accessory elements.

The electricity needs of the ceramic hob

The ceramic hobs must be connected to a ground connection, on an individual supply circuit. That is, they must not be connected to a power strip, for example to avoid overheating, and for security reasons. The ceramic hob must be installed near an electrical outlet.

The connections must be up to standard and respect the safety rules. It's better to ask a technician for advice before connection so that it better assesses the connection data to electricity.

Installation: Is the ceramic glass plate watertight optimal?

All vitroceramic hotplates are delivered, or available, with a joint glue. This glue seals the glass ceramic hob and prevents any moisture penetration. An infiltration could indeed damage the hob, preventing its operation, and create a domestic accident. If you install it yourself, make sure you have the join properly to avoid any problem.

In any case, whether it is for the respect of the safety standards or for a neat work, we recommend to call on a technician for the installation of a vitroceramic hotplate.

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