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Laying a concrete fence

A concrete fence is usually composed of elements (columns and beams) prefabricated in this material and reinforced by an internal reinforcement. The set, once laid, brings an aesthetic note enhanced by the generally white color, especially used in studs, to paint them. In fact, if the vision of a horse is excellent from a distance, it is much less so, and the white paint helps to indicate to him, when galloping, the presence of the fence. Hence the name of this fence "type stud".

Necessary material

  • milestones
  • Cordeau
  • Louchet or spade
  • Mallet
  • Mason chisel
  • Bubble level
  • Trowel
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • stretcher
  • Barbed wire
  • White paint
  • Brush to paint
  • Wooden struts

Laying a concrete fence: concrete

1. The laying of a traditional concrete fence begins with the installation of a corner post or one of the end posts if the fence is straight.

Laying a concrete fence: concrete

2. This post being wedged with stones, it must then be sealed to the ground with concrete. This type of post requires to be driven into the ground a quarter of its length.

Laying a concrete fence: laying

3. From this starting post, lay the rails on the ground to locate the exact location of the following posts. Make the holes according to these locations then erect without the other poles.

Laying a concrete fence: concrete

4. The rails are then put in place, which allows to stall and seal the posts. If the ground is flat, one can search at the level of bubbles, a horizontality of the smooth ones but the real point of reference remains the verticality of the posts, that the ground is flat or more or less sloping. In case of slope, it is the smooth which will have to respect it while remaining rigorously parallel.

Laying a concrete fence: fence

5. You can now seal the rails in the slots provided for this purpose on the posts. Use a fairly compact cement mortar, troweled to fill the mortises. Clean the mortar cleanly so that it does not get on the wall of the posts.

Laying a concrete fence: concrete

6. For a good finish and an undeniable aesthetic appeal, it is desirable to paint concrete posts and rails. Use a paint for the facades.

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