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Notched pallet
Stainless steel spatula
Cutting knife
Cutter and hook blade
Double-sided adhesive

Laying soft floor coverings: the toolbox: carpet

Metal Rule
Square Metal
Powder cord
Contact glue
Carpet glue

Laying soft floor coverings: the toolbox: laying

How to stick his carpet?

The ready-to-use glue available in DIY stores is ideal for perfectly flat and healthy surfaces. But, while respecting the standards, they emit VOCs and formaldehyde into the atmosphere. It is possible to find glues based on natural resins, called organic, which are more environmentally friendly and health of the consumer than traditional glues.
The so-called dry glue is a self-adhesive plastic film on both sides: it sticks to the floor and fixes the carpet. It also serves as vapor and acoustic underlayment. The double-sided adhesive is easy to use but should be reserved for small parts with little passage (room...).

Tools for marbling

The marouflage allows the carpet or PVC floor to adhere well to the support. To exert the necessary pressure on the coating, it is generally used a wooden wedge or a plastic tamper. Professionals use special tools, which are sometimes hard to find in stores, such as rollers, steel or cork rollers, hammers for small surfaces, or spurs for carpets.
Maroufleur with spurs
Hammer (needled carpet)
Steel roll
Linoleum marouflage
Cork broom (linoleum and PVC)
Rubber stamper

Laying soft floor coverings: the toolbox: toolbox

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