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The installation of a garden shed kit requires careful follow-up of the instructions provided and the observation of some instructions. Follow the guide.

The installation of a garden shed kit

The installation of a garden shed kit

Do it yourself or hire a professional?

The installation of a garden shed kit is not complicated. A precise manual, often accompanied by a video, guides the individual step by step. In most cases, less than ten hours are required to assemble the panels. If you choose to mount the garden shed kit yourself, some instructions are recommended.

Think of:

  • Avoid climbing the shelter on a day of bad weather (rain, wind, etc.),
  • Fit the garden shed with several,
  • Wear gloves, goggles and long-sleeved clothing
  • Prepare in advance the necessary tools.

The most delicate part is the base and the foundation. The garden must be leveled and clear of obstacles (branches, pebbles, plants, etc.). Some shelters require a concrete slab. Call a professional if you are not a skilled handyman! Be sure to follow the assembly steps: the floor, the walls and the roof last.

Some garden shed manufacturers offer the services of fitters available near you. Do not hesitate to ask. You will not save manpower but you will gain in time and quality, especially if the terrain has specific features such as a slope.

What are the particularities of mounting according to the type of shelter?

A garden shelter kit, according to its material, has its own characteristics concerning the assembly:

  • The garden shed in resin or PVC kit does not require a concrete slab and is installed in 4 hours maximum. Mounting is done by clips and with a few screws.
  • The galvanized metal shelter requires a solid foundation like a concrete slab. There are also specific anchor kits.
  • The wooden garden shed consists of panels to assemble or boards to fit. It is longer to climb than the other two types of shelter: between 5 and 7 hours. Concrete slab and floor are not required.

Video Instruction: Waltons Apex Metal Shed Installation