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The installation of a gas boiler is not within the reach of everyone. Calling on a specialist is essential in order to have a reliable and secure installation. The prices of the heating engineers vary, but state aid can amortize the cost of intervention.

Installation of a gas boiler

Installation of a gas boiler

Who can install my gas boiler?

The installation of a gas boiler starts with the search for a specialist. Indeed, only a professional will be able to find and pose the elements necessary for a complete installation of the system.

The heating engineer will be able to guide you with his advice in choosing the most efficient equipment and the most adapted to the needs of the house.

To note: choosing the right professional is all the more important because you will have to call on him for the annual maintenance of the boiler and the replacement of the defective parts. We advise to privilege the professionals QUALIGAZ (certification of quality and skills).

Steps for installing a gas boiler

The installation of the gas boiler, includes the installation of the boiler itself as well as its hydraulic accessories:

1) hydraulic connection
2) electrical connection
3) gas connection
4) connection to hot and cold water
5) drain connection
6) connection to the flue
7) impoundment
8) commissioning
9) establishment of a QUALIGAZ CC4 certificate of conformity

Gas boilers are usually installed in the secondary areas of the house such as the attic, the cellar or the laundry room.

To note: There are models of gas wall boilers, which reduce the size of the device.

Gas boiler, intervention tariffs for heating engineers

  • The cost of installing a conventional gas boiler by a professional (commissioning included) oscillates between 1500 € and 2000 €, depending on the heating engineer and the boiler model.
  • The installation price for a low temperature natural gas boiler may vary from 3000 € à 7000 €.
  • The installation of a gas condensing boiler will cost between 4000 € and 8000 €.

To note: a tax credit and a preferential VAT rate of 5.5%, apply to the services of RGE professionals, as part of the installation of a low temperature gas or condensing boiler.

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