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To put a gutter does not improvise. It is necessary not only to obtain the appropriate tools and to respect the steps of assembly but also to obey the most basic safety rules. You should also know that a zinc gutter does not arise as a PVC gutter...

Before installing a gutter: tools and standards

The ideal is to mount a scaffold for more security but it is of course possible to use a ladder provided that it is stable.

Bring a plumb line, level, scribing line, meter, drill and screwdriver, nails, hacksaw, glue, or soldering iron.

Be sure, before installing a roof gutter, to inquire with your municipality to find out if there is a plan. If so, your choice will be restricted. Also do be careful not to drain your neighbor's waterthis is forbidden by the civil code.

The DTU 40.5 standard is a standard requiring an average slope of 5mm / m for the gutter. In addition, every 12m, you must be careful to install a gutter that will prevent it from sagging under the weight of the water in case of stagnation. It will also be necessary to think of the joints that will allow the dilatation of your gutter.

Gutter PVC, zinc, aluminum, creeping, hanging... a whole technique

We do not install a PVC gutter as we put an aluminum gutter. Depending on the type of gutter, be it creeping or hanging, Nantes or English, it will be necessary to adapt the techniques and the mode of operation.

You will have to go through tedious piercing steps to fix the hooks that will support the gutter and the descent. It will also be necessary to glue or weld the various elements that make up the drainage system.

The gutter: ask it by a professional

Installing a gutter yourself is a significant risk: construction site accident, poor workmanship, flow, overflow and infiltration problems, non-compliance with standards, etc.

Ideally, in order to avoid any problem of malfunction or even waste of materials, it is recommended to call in a professional roofer. He has all the equipment and the necessary team, the technique and the expertise to help you choose the best option.

Do not hesitate to have an estimate made by several professionals.

Video Instruction: How to Install Gutters