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The air / air heat pump is easy enough to install. It does indeed require little development and work on housing. This is why air-source pumps are particularly recommended for pre-existing homes.

The conditions necessary for the installation of a heat pump

An air / air heat pump can adapt to any housing type because it only requires little space to be put in place. A piece of garden, or even a yard will be sufficient to install the unit of air capture against a wall.

Particular care must be given to the location of the air collection box, it must be kept as far as possible from any source of pollution.

It should also be noted that the outer casing of the heat pump, in particular the compressor, is noisy and can cause noise for your neighbors. It is thus necessary to think carefully of its installation so as to disturb the least possible and to envisage a device sound insulation (anti-noise screen, anti-vibration pads, etc...)

Pre-existing heating system and heat pump

The air / air heat pump is ideal for a home that already has an electric heating system. In fact, it makes it possible to supplement the pre-existing heating and to use it only in supplementary heating, making it possible to achieve significant energy savings.

An air / air heat pump can be connected to electric radiators, underfloor heating or fan coil units. These are the most frequently chosen because they are easy to set up. They must be installed in each room to be heated. They are usually placed above the doors. It is therefore necessary to visualize their location and the passage of the various wires before starting the installation.

Who should install an air / air heat pump?

Despite its apparent simplicity and the few elements to install, an air / air heat pump must be installed by a professionalto be reliable. The coolant flowing between the outdoor unit of the pump and the fan coils is toxic and should be handled with care.

The installer will also calculate the necessary power of the pump depending on the living space to be heated. Its task is also to correctly measure the rate of mixing of the air in the different rooms.

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