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A thermodynamic water heater is relatively easy to install. Indeed, it requires practically no accommodation and work on the dwelling itself. Thermodynamic water heaters are therefore no longer suitable for pre-existing housing.

Where to install the thermodynamic water heater

A thermodynamic water heater can find its place in any type of individual housing, since it requires little space to be able to be installed. Outside the house, a small space will suffice; the device itself is not very big, and it is not noisy.

In the case of a water heater placed directly inside the house, we recommend a free area of ​​about ten square metersabout twenty cubic meters of air to brew. In the event that this solution is not feasible it would still be possible to couple the heater to the existing VMC system, allowing another advantage here: recycle the excess heat inside the housing.

Other requirements for indoor installation

The thermodynamic water heater placed inside the dwelling also requires a number of features of the room where it will pump calories, especially the fact that it must obviously not be heated (in this case there would have no energy saving). We will therefore favor a local, semi-buried for example, to reject the air already pumped directly outside the housing.

In the case where the room intended to receive the water heater could absolutely not fulfill these conditions, it would still be possible to couple the water heater to a sheath that would still give access to a room of the house that would fill the rooms. required conditions.

By whom to install a thermodynamic water heater?

Despite its simplicity of installation in terms of work to be done, a thermodynamic water heater must obligatorily be installed by a licensed professional. The heat transfer fluid circulating between the outdoor unit of the pump and the hot water tank is indeed toxic and must therefore be handled by an expert.

The installer must first also calculate the required power of the water heater in relation to the room in which it will pump calories and the amount of hot water that it will have to provide, in order that the coefficient of performance is of course the highest possible.

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