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To redo a ceiling, instead of plasterboard we think of applying OSB. Is it possible? What would be the disadvantages? I can not find anything about it.

TheOSB is a wood-based panel composed of lamellae assembled in all directions by a synthetic resin; the slats are pressed in layers. It is a carrier panel used for the floor construction more than for dubbing. The problem with this type of panel, lies in an impossibility to achieve correct finishes. Knowing that the OSB "works" slightly, the joints should be spaced 3mm and can therefore hardly be coated without cracking.

For finishing, it is complicated to to paint OSB without specific preparation. For a cost to almost equivalent, a doubling of particle board or MDF would be preferable. Do not hesitate to consult our DIY advice sheet on the creation of a false ceiling particle board (chipboard) on the subject.

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